Raven-haired Romanian beauty Alexandra Georgia commands a grand entrance: first, as a fetish webcam model and performer has made great strides in the camming industry, mostly on the heels of her fabulous feet, which are often the star attraction in her live fetish performances.

And now, ten years into her colorful career, Alexandra stands at the highest peak of the camming industry, a booming business that currently rakes in over $1 billion a year as private live entertainment eclipses the once-massively successful production of porn films.

With such dedication to her industry, Alex launched the Live Cam Awards Show in 2015, the first awards show to exclusively honor the performers and companies who serve the now highly-competitive webcam business. She considers the awards show important to “improve the image of the live cam industry”, which has only recently come into its own.

An AVN and XBIZ-award nominee herself, as well as a two-times nominee for  Business Woman  of the Year at The YNOT Awards in 2015 and 2016, Alex is a great supporter of giving attention where it’s due. She grew up in a happy home in Bucharest, a self-described spoiled only child that was born to perform. Immediately upon high school graduation, the headstrong 18-year old created a webcam account in an effort to become financially independent on her own terms.

The fledgling cam model proved to be a bit too headstrong in her chosen career: ” I was refusing to show nudity and flaunt my assets on cam and was also getting penalties for being rude to members,” recounts Alex of her early days, “until one guy opened my eyes and told me , ‘you are such a bitch, you should be in fetish’… and that’s how it all started.”

Alex has since embraced the powerful femdom image and has generously incorporated it into her work. “Being an independent model, building a brand around my cam model name, I think that each day is a new achievement, i still learn new things everyday.”

As her star continues to rise beyond webcamming, her support for the industry is unwavering: “I always wanted to remain in the industry even after my cam girl days are gone, and somehow I found my way,” she says. “In 10 years I have witnessed a lot of changes, new trends and what we call now the ‘renaissance’ of the live cam industry.”